Dr. Hans Korte, Ph.D.

As a consultant for engineering research in the wood and fiber industry, Dr. Korte specializes in developing innovative new products and procedures. His consulting work focuses on wood-plastic composites, the recycling of high-performance fibers from composite materials and the development of specialized plastics. Dr. Korte has studied wood science and technology at the University of Hamburg and holds various patents in the fiber and wood industry.

Dr. Joachim Roesler, MBA, Ph.D.

Dr. Roesler worked as a senior executive in the US for several international companies before founding NPS. As CEO of Scientific American, Inc., he oversaw the last major growth phase that included new ventures, international expansion, technology licensing and the digital conversion of the core business. Dr. Roesler has served as a board member of “Global Science” (Scientific American in China) and “Nikkei Science” (Scientific American in Japan) and is a registered member of SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers).