NeroPlast® offers characteristics not found together anywhere else.


NeroPlast® is made entirely from plant matter, using environmentally friendly methods. It can be manufactured using any locally available source of lignocellulose, and all of the carbon in the raw material remains sequestered, another environmental plus. NeroPlast® in its most basic form has earned USDA BioPreferred designation.


Other bio-based fillers are hydrophilic. While the absorption of water can be somewhat controlled by the use of expensive coatings, this approach fails to get at the root of the problem. Over time, as water finds its way through degraded coatings, other bio fillers absorb and swell with moisture.

Unique among biological fillers, NeroPlast® is hydrophobic: For all practical purposes, water simply does not penetrate the material, even when it comes into direct contact with it.

No Mold, Fungi or Rot

None of the organisms that cause decay and foul odors can survive without water, and NeroPlast® deprives them of any moisture. What’s more, even if water were available to them, mold, fungus and bacteria cannot grow in or on NeroPlast®. No fungicides, herbicides or toxins of any kind are used in NeroPlast®; the material simply does not provide a suitable environment for microbes.


With a specific gravity of just 1.25 gm/cm3 NeroPlast® is less than half as dense as calcium carbonate or talc, and 15% lighter than wood flour or other lignocellulose fillers, including those made from corn, wheat or straw. So wherever weight is a concern, NeroPlast® is an attractive option. Less weight also means lower shipping and handling costs.

Heat Tolerant

Unlike other bio fillers, NeroPlast® easily withstands temperatures as high as 290°C. As a result, it can be processed with polypropylene and polyamide (and a wide range of other polymers) with no out-gassing or other problems that can slow production. And because NeroPlast® tolerates heat so well, it is ideal for use in products that end up in high-heat environments – under the hood of a car, for instance, or in lighting fixtures.

Unique Mechanical Properties

NeroPlast® makes neat polymers significantly stronger, increasing tensile strength and modulus, as well as flexural strength and modulus. NeroPlast® also performs as well or better than other fillers in terms of impact strength and increases the dimensional stability of virgin polymers.

UV Protection/Color

Because of its black color, NeroPlast® filler absorbs and therefore protects polymers from ultraviolet radiation and the degradation it causes. And for those compounds that currently use carbon black as a coloring agent or for UV protection, NeroPlast® offers an environmentally friendly alternative.


Polymer resin is expensive.  So adding NeroPlast® or any competitively priced filler to a compound saves money.  And since there is a greater volume of lightweight NeroPlast® in a ton, our filler might even save you more money. Bottom line: you pay no more for all the benefits NeroPlast® brings, and you may well pay less.