NeroPlast® can be used in a wide range
of applications:

In compounds not using fillers at all

NeroPlast® fillers can be used where it has been impossible to use either mineral fillers (because of the weight they add) or lighter weight bio-fillers (because of the water they absorb and their instability at high temperatures). By enabling the creation of new lightweight, hydrophobic, heat tolerant compounds, NeroPlast® fillers can improve performance in existing markets and help open new ones.

Wherever wood flour
or other bio fillers are being used

Bio fillers made from wood, corn, wheat and straw are often good choices. But their hydrophilic nature can necessitate design changes or the addition of toxic chemicals – or both. Thanks to its hydrophobic nature, NeroPlast® makes such compromises unnecessary, and virtually does away with product claims related to water absorption.

Where traditional fillers
have been the only option

In applications where water and/or heat is a concern, heavy mineral or other non-organic fillers have been the only choice available. NeroPlast® offers an attractive alternative: the option of substituting a lightweight, environmentally friendly filler that rivals or outperforms calcium carbonate and similar fillers in virtually all respects.

Once it has been certified, compounds that include at least 25% of NeroPlast® will qualify for the USDA Bio-Preferred Program (see Updates on the Home page). Those in the program will be given preference by Federal agencies making purchasing decisions..