NeroPlast® strengthens polymers

Tensile Strength and Modulus

NeroPlast® improves the tensile strength and modulus of many polymers. So compounds that incorporate NeroPlast® will be better able to resist stretching under tension and be able to withstand more tensile stress before failing or breaking. Tensile strength can be increased by up to 50%, depending on the polymer involved.

Flexural Strength and Modulus

NeroPlast® also increases polymers’ ability to endure bending stress. Again, both flexural modulus and strength are enhanced, so NeroPlast® compounds are stiffer and less likely to break when subjected to bending force. In typical injection-grade polypropylene, a 30% loading of NeroPlast® will more than double flexural modulus.

Impact Strength

Unadulterated polymers possess high impact strength. The introduction of any other particles, including fillers, lessens this strength to some extent. But NeroPlast® compares well to other fillers in this regard.

Dimensional Stability

NeroPlast® improves dimensional stability by lowering a neat resin’s coefficient of thermal expansion. That means greater control and accuracy in final product dimensions.