NeroPlast® products are formulated
to meet a variety of needs.

NeroPlast® Ground

This is NeroPlast® in its purest form, raw filler, ground to mesh sizes of 40, 50, 100 and 325, depending on the client’s needs. The 100-mesh is our standard product. While primarily intended for use with thermoplastics, NeroPlast® Ground can be used in other processing applications, as well, including Thermosets, Elastomers/Rubber and Asphalt. Please call for details.

NeroPlast® Ground has been certified as a USDA certified biobased product.

NeroPlast® Pellets

NeroPlast® Pellets are NeroPlast® Ground compressed into pellets to reduce dust and the risk of explosion from dust. NeroPlast® Pellets also significantly lower shipping costs, because at double the bulk density of NeroPlast® Ground, the same amount of material occupies far less space.

NeroPlast® Masterbatch

The ground filler is combined with a small amount of resin (no more than 25%) in order to facilitate handling (no dust, no risk of contamination during storage and the product can easily be processed using single-screw machines). It is the customer’s choice which resin is used (for instance, LLDPE). Please call for details.

NeroPlast® Compounds

NeroPlast® Compounds provide the final compound that a customer requires, typically including 10% to 40% NeroPlast® Ground in combination with the specified resin and any other necessary coupling agents. As with NeroPlast® Masterbatch, this product is tailor made for each client, so please call for details.